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2006 Suzuki SV 650 S Speedometer Drive Or Pickup

2006 Suzuki SV 650 S Speedometer Drive Or Pickup

The Speedometer Drive or Pickup is an electronic or mechanical sending unit, that either through a harness or a Speedometer Cable allows the Speedometer or Gauges to indicate speed. Traditional Speedometer Drives are typically mounted to the Front Wheel, but electronic Pickups may also be mounted to the Primary Sprocket Cover or elsewhere on the Engine Cases. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Speedometer Drive or Pickup is thoroughly tested before being placed in inventory. It will be fully functional, and in the case of electronic Pickups, all plugs and connections will be clean and undamaged.

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APS F75373T Chrome Grille Replacement for select Ford Expedition Models

APS Auto Parts Specialist Inc. is a professional grille manufacturer located in Ontario, CA, USA. Since 2008, we are ranked as No.1 in the grille industry as we have the most complete application (over 6,500 applications). These grilles are manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified factory. Every month we have over 15-20 new grilles released in the market. From 2007, we have expanded our product line to Chrome accessories, Fender Trims, Door Mirrors, Bull bars, Side bars (Nerf Bar), Hitch Receivers, and Tonneau Covers in order to fill our customers demand. We have also just introduced our new Fender Flares, which is a very popular item with customers. Currently, we stock over 50,000 sets of grilles and over 4,300 applications of auto parts in our 100,000 square feet warehouse.
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LDR 505 6265 Kitchen 1-1/2-Inch x 12-Inch Slip Extension Tube, Chrome Plated Brass

Highlights: Size : 1-1/2×12″ Finish : Chrome 6″ and 12″ lengths Includes nut and washer Lavatory drain extension tube Chrome-plated brass slip extension tube Meets all code requirements and quality control standards for the home repair field Qty/Pk : 1/Card
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Fuji Db20 Replacement Digital Camera Battery 1400mAh (Replacement)

Fuji Db20 Replacement Digital Camera Battery (Replacement). Volts: 3.7V, Cells: 1, Chemistry: Liion, Capacity: 1400Mah, . 100% Oem Compatible And Comes With 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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Volcom Big Boys’ Lumber Ins Pant, Orange, Medium

For those that live and breathe boarding, a solid pant and jacket set up is crucial. Pick up the lumber insulated pants from volcom and he won’t be let down. This pant features quality volcom technology like zip tech jacket to pant interface, grow tech, 80gm poly insulation, adjustable inner waistband, hand warmer pockets, and boot gaitors. 8,000mm/ 3,000gm
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S0673 Elvis Presley Case Cover for IPHONE 5C

The design of novel is easy to full access to all buttons and it is easy to clean and keep. This case can protect your phone from scratches, dust and it is a anti-skid, shock-resistant case. We also accept custom
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MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 43BC 12-Inch by 3-Inch by 1/2-Inch Tile Grouter’s Float

GROUT TILE FLOAT For base and cove Pure gum rubber face Bonded to the dense rubber pad Cemented to an aluminum backing plate Smooth handle Beveled edges, front corners rounded 43BC 12X3 BASE AND COVE FLOAT SIZE:12 x 3-Inch COLOR:.
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2000 Kawasaki ZX6 ZX 6 E Ninja Right Rear Footpeg

2000 Kawasaki ZX6 ZX 6 E Ninja Right Rear Footpeg

The Right Rear Footpeg (passenger peg on the right side, as you are sitting on the bike). It mounts to the Right Rear Footpeg Bracket, which is in turn mounted to the frame. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Right Rear Footpeg will be straight, clean and undamaged.

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Kikkerland Dust Monster, Brown

Amazing microfiber.The multi-purpose Dust Monster cleans your computer screens, furniture, electronics and can even be used to dry your hands.
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Acc U Rate® children digital finger pulse oximeter with adorable animal theme (Ribbit Frog)

SpO2 level provides an estimation of the concentration of oxygen in your blood. It is an important physiological parameter involved in respiration and circulation and is extremely useful to sports enthusiasts, such as mountain climbers, hikers, skiers, biker, aviators or anyone who is interested in measuring their SpO2 levels.

The children pulse oximeter feature herein is small, portable, non-invasive and easy to use. The user only needs to insert a finger into the chamber to measure his/her SpO2 and Pulse Rate. It is specifically designed for children although it is also suitable for people with small fingers. It comes with an adorable animal design to make it visually pleasing and more easily accepted by children. Compared to the adult pulse oximeters, the children pulse oximeter is also designed to be more tolerable to finger movements without comprising on accuracy. In addition, the children pulse oximeter also features a plethysmograph that indicates blood flow.

How does the plethysmograph work?
Each wave corresponds to a heart beat and the wave amplitude corresponds to the amount of blood flowing through the blood vessels. If the wave amplitude is low, this means that your blood perfusion might be too low for a reliable read. You should retake your measurement and make sure that your finger is positioned right under the LED lights. Thus, the plethysmograph allows you to determine confidently if the registered reading is accurate. Suitable for children age 2 and up.

Acc U Rate® is a registered trademark of USPTO. We will actively and aggressively pursue any parties who infringe on our intellectual property rights to the maximum extent allowed by the law.

WARNING!!! This is not a medical device and it is not intended for medical use.
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